Frequently Asked Questions

What is Music By Ross?

Music By Ross specializes in private music lessons in Dallas and Fort Worth with the area’s best local music instructors. All of our students receive a hands-on, comprehensive approach to music education from an educated and certified music teacher.

Unlike other music lesson providers, Music By Ross conducts lessons in the students’ home – Leave the scheduling and traffic up to us!

Where are you located?

Music By Ross offers private in-home music lessons throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Whether you’re taking guitar lessons in Dallas, piano lessons in Plano, or learning the violin in Arlington, our instructors will drive to your home at no extra cost. (our office is located in Carrollton, TX)

Is my instructor willing to teach somewhere else besides my home?

Upon request, we are happy to offer studio locations, if that is your preference.

Your Music Lessons

What types of music lessons do you offer?

Music By Ross offers a variety of private music lessons, and we have a diverse staff of music instructors to match the diversity of our students. Learn to rock the guitar, bass or drums like the pros or fine-tune your singing abilities with voice lessons, or learn to capture the perfect sound for your music with lessons for professional techniques in recording, engineering and producing. Or if the classics are more your forte, taking cello or violin lessons with our certified music teachers will help you master the violin, piano, or cello. No matter what your passion is, we have the right instructor for you!

Please visit our What We Offer page for a current list of the types of music lessons available.

How long before I see results?

Typically, instrumental students of Music By Ross are playing well-known songs within a month, and vocal students will see results upon the first lesson. For tips on establishing correct practice habits, for both kids and adults, please visit:

What age is the “right” age to start music lessons?

While there is no “right” age to start music lessons, most children will begin between the ages of 5 and 7. Due to a small hand size, piano, violin and voice lessons are most common at this age range. We also offer introductory music lessons that for children 6 and under. Introductory lessons are fun, hands-on lessons focused on rhythm, dance, musical terminology, song structure and classical composition. As children get older, they may like to take the opportunity to try out new or larger instruments, such as the guitar, drums or cello. Trying a variety of instruments can help expand a musician’s capabilities and can be very mentally stimulating. For adults, it’s never too late to become the musician you want to be! Please visit our Lessons page for a current list of the types of music lessons available.

What types of lesson programs to you offer?

  • Single Lesson Program” – 1-Hour Lesson – Pay for your lessons weekly – Music Instructors drive to your home
  • Monthly Program” – 4 Lessons – Pay for your lessons monthly – Music Instructors drive to your home
  • Bi-Monthly Program” – 8 Lessons – Purchase lessons every 2 months – Music Instructors drive to your home
  • Quarterly Program” – 12 Lessons – Purchase lessons every 3 months – Music Instructors drive to your home

Do you offer group lessons?

Yes. Our instructors are happy to teach more than one student per lesson. We offer group settings for all types of music lessons offered. Please visit our Pricing Page for details.

Do I need to have an instrument before I begin lessons?

In most cases, yes. In order to see results in the shortest amount of time, students must practice outside of their scheduled lessons. In other cases that involve a larger upfront investment (drums, piano, cello etc), we are happy to bring an instrument for the first two music lessons. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions regarding the right style or brand of instrument for your goals!

What can I expect after I purchase lessons?

After you choose the lesson package that works best for you, then you will receive a Welcome Email from our staff with a helpful guide of what to expect upon your first lesson. Next, your teacher will call you to confirm your lesson time and location, and answer any additional questions you may have.

How often to I need to take lessons?

Most Music By Ross students typically take lessons on a weekly basis. Most teachers suggest this, because it gives the student sufficient amount of time to practice the material given during the lesson. As students advance, it is not uncommon to increase the frequency of lessons.


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept checks and all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule a lesson?

Music By Ross requires 24-hour advance notice of cancellations and rescheduling. We understand from time to time your schedule can change with little notice. Cancellations are honored, and in most cases, with 24-hour advanced notice, your instructor is likely to be able to reschedule your lesson. Please visit Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy for details.