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I'm really excited about these lessons. She's making music and it sounds great thanks to MBR and Colin. She's been playing for 4 months now and it's amazing how much progress she's making! Thank you!

Thank you both! — Nisha P. (Carrollton)
My lessons don't feel like an instructor is coming to my house and teaching me how to play the drums. It actually feels like two friends getting together and one is teaching the other how to play. Having that kind of relationship with an expert instructor, at an affordable price, while giving me lessons at home, is something I would have thought impossible if I hadn't experienced it myself. — Paul M. (Arlington)
Perfect pairing! Our instructor was awesome! My neighbor was just leaving as our instructor got to our home, and she wanted to sign her son up for lessons as well!

He was soooooo great with my son, and he can't wait til his next lesson! — Corrie F. (Carrollton)
I wanted to get voice lessons for a long time. I tried a few vocal instructors around my area, and none of them seemed to connect with my goals. I called Music By Ross, and I started lessons that not only taught me how to sing far better than I could imagine after just a couple of months, but my instructor also gears each lesson to reach my personal ambitions. — Michelle (Dallas)
Music by Ross makes it easy to become the musician you want to be in the comfort of your own home. The one-on-one lessons are a great way to learn. I love playing the guitar! — Camille (Dallas)
MBR has been an amazing experience for my 6 year old twins. Our instructor makes the piano lessons full of fun and surprises. The kids wait eagerly for the class and are always surprised when the lesson has ended. Our instructor is always patient, and within a few sessions the kids have learned to play songs! — Shilpa (Coppell)
My nine year-old twins have been receiving piano lessons from Music By Ross for a few months now. We love how their instructor comes to the house each week. With our crazy schedules it is convenient to have him come here. He is so positive and energetic, and they look forward to the visit each week. It is not just a piano lesson to them...it is a fun experience! — Kate (Carrollton)
Learning to play guitar has always been a dream of mine but finding time was always an issue – Music by Ross has opened up the door do so in a group lesson with my son. Kellen is passionate in his teaching – focusing on techniques while learning classic songs. He is also very reliable, accommodating, and punctual! — Lukas R. (Carrollton)
My daughter is taking piano lessons with Derron from Music By Ross and she loves it! He helps make the lesson interesting and this inspires her to keep practicing. — Carrie (Dallas)
We would highly recommend Music By Ross for guitar instruction. Our daughter has progressed faster than we could have imagined. Our teacher is great with kids and his teaching style is very encouraging and patient. If you're looking for music lessons, you won't be disappointed! — Angela and Richard (Carrollton)
After less than a year of guitar lessons, I am much further along that I thought I would be. I have a great teacher and look forward to each lesson. — Bruce (Carrollton)
MBR's style of instruction and patience builds on my improving skill. I wanted a professional guitarist, not just a "guitar teacher." MBR was the most recommended and their rates sold me. I am a stronger player than I ever thought I would be. — Robert (Plano)
My son Jason began taking lessons with Kellen about six months ago. He has a wide range of musical knowledge and patience, and his encouraging instruction has kept my son interested and constantly improving. I’m very impressed with the accomplishments he’s made. Anyone wanting to improve their guitar skills should give Music By Ross a try. — Jason (Grapevine)
My instructor is great at explaining how to play and they have a good selection of songs to help me learn how to play. My instructor keep things cool and laid back, but still gets things done. — Nate (Flower Mound)
My instructor is always cool and understands if you're having a hard time. He always works with my busy schedule. — Reese (Richardson)
If I was asked if I knew any good guitar teachers... I would not hesitate to say Music By Ross. My instructor teaches fun tunes and we laugh together. I look forward to playing well like he does. — Amy (Richardson)
Before I met my instructor, I sucked. — Evan (Carrollton)
Learning the guitar is something that I've wanted to do my entire life. MBR was supportive and encouraging in my efforts. They made the beginning challenges of learning the guitar easy and understandable... — Kathy (Addison)
MBR has great teachers! They really help me and allow me to learn a variety of songs. I highly recommend their guitar teachers. — Savannah (Lewisville)
Best Guitar instructors I've ever had. Always prepared and ready to work with me... MBR took my American Stratocaster, completely fixed it, tuned it and put me in a position to be able to take care of my instrument the right way. — Craig (Plano)
MBR has very patient and knowledgeable teachers who use their passion for music to help me learn at my own pace. — Ken (Irving)
I like my instructor because he is patient with me. He makes learning fun and easy! — Noelle (Dallas)
MBR's fun and laid back approach to guitar have made this an enjoyable experience for [our daughter]. She looks forward to her lesson each week and spends hours practicing... As a mom with a busy schedule, I appreciate that MBR's instructors will travel to our house for lessons. I highly recommend their teachers. — Rebecca (Plano)
My instructor is a very patient and flexible teacher who let's me learn at my own pace and I appreciate that considering my busy schedule. He has his own teaching plans and structure but is always open to teaching me to play songs that I personally like as well. I totally recommend him. — Jeevan (Dallas)
Music By Ross teaches excellently! — Aidan (Carrollton)
Look no further for a great guitar teachers. Our instructor knows how to motivate, encourage, and interact with kids. He has a perfectly-paced program, and as parents we do not have to battle with practice time. Our daughter picks up her guitar well before her homework... I'd recommend MBR in a heartbeat! — Anik (Richardson)
I wasn't sure about starting to play the guitar at 50, but Music By Ross has made it quite enjoyable. I am progressing beyond what I had imagined and playing songs I never thought I could play! Without their guidance I would still be trying to learn basic chords but instead I am learning REAL songs... Awesome! — Phillip (Lewisville)
MBR is extremely flexible with our schedules, and is always in a pleasantly good mood. I recommend Music By Ross to all our friends who are looking for a fun, easy-going teacher. — Dana and Robert (North Dallas)
Instructors from MBR have been professional and always well prepared for our granddaughter-grandfather guitar lessons. We have progressed far beyond our original expectations. Our instructor is patient, encouraging and provides exceptional value — Grace and Tom (Dallas)
I came to MBR with zero musical knowledge, requesting to become the next Eric Clapton. Of course, I knew how unreasonable my wishes were, but my instructor just smiled and said “Let's get to it.” I have been with the same instructor for a little under a year know and plan to stay for years to come. He is patient and extremely talented, and has given me much more than lessons and time. I have been given a gift, a gift of music, and that is the genius behind it all. — Lauren (Lewisville)
Our instructor is a fantastic teacher! He uses relevant music that kids can identify with and he makes learning easy and fun. I love the convenience of having lessons at home where my son can continue practicing after the lesson, without interruption. I would highly recommend Music By Ross! — Amy Berry (Highland Village)
I grew up around people playing guitar and performing live and I have always wanted to learn to play guitar. My instructor is very knowledgable and patient and I am way ahead of where I thought I would be at this point. I've even had some friends comment on how impressed they are with my progress for which I give credit to MBR and my instructors teaching methods. It is also convenient and time saving to have lessons in my own home. I highly recommend Music By Ross. — Von (Flower Mound)
Working with Kellen and Music By Ross has been fantastic and tons of fun. I had no previous guitar experience, and very little musical experience of any kind -- but, now, after only a few months, I can play some of my favorite songs and am starting to feel much more comfortable on the instrument. We were so happy with the results that our 5-year old son is now taking piano lessons from another Music By Ross teacher. — Chris (Dallas)
Thanks to Music By Ross, I get to check an item off my bucket list! Because of the progressive nature of the lessons, what I thought would be very difficult has been rewarding and enjoyable. I'm excited to not only learn new songs, but also the theory of music, which will allow me to play ANY song! Thanks again! — Hans (Prosper)
My instructor is the best music teacher I've ever had. He was willing, and able, to teach me exactly the way I want to be taught. He is very patient, supportive and friendly. The in-home teaching is also a great value and very convenient. — Daniel Berhane (Dallas)
I dont golf, or fish, or obsess over my lawn, so I desperately needed a hobby. I have always loved music but never thought I could learn to play. To me, it had always seemed about as likely as jumping 10 feet straight into the air. But my instructor is an excellent teacher, who balances my unique interests and abilities with a structure that constantly builds and moves my skills forward each week. At this stage in my musical journey I don't aspire to headline any major tours, but I am having a blast playing actual music on an actual instrument. Thanks MBR! — Chris Roche (Lewisville)
The lessons that I have received from Kellen over the past year and a half have been superb. We have gone over the fundamentals of music, and are now moving into music theory with an array of techniques that I will use the rest of my life. Kellen is highly dependable and knowledgeable, but most of all, he makes learning guitar fun. — Michael (Keller)
I was looking for a hobby that also exercised the mind. With no musical talents or skills, I picked guitar. Not knowing a thing about guitars, it was very intimidating to buy a guitar or find a music teacher. I had already been to the guitar store twice and I always left with an overwhelming feeling. Luckily, I got a reference at the store for Music By Ross. After talking to Kellen, things seem a little more achievable. He agreed to meet me at the store to pick a guitar. Within a day I had a guitar and my first 4 classes scheduled.

This journey started about 2 months ago and I have enjoyed every minute of my classes with Casey (Music By Ross Guitar Teacher). I am definitely getting the hang of it and I am enrolled for another set of 12 classes. Although guitar is one of those things you wished you had started earlier in life, I am happy I am learning it now. It is literally music to my ears. I have a long way to go, but with Casey's patience and knowledge, I am sure I will be playing my favorite songs soon. — Maria (The Colony)
I really enjoy my voice lessons with Phil, he teaches in such a way that makes my lessons fun and easy to remember when I practice. I notice myself sounding better and better after each lesson - and of course I practice as I'm supposed to. I look forward to lessons with Phil every time, and I can tell that all of the effort Phil puts into teaching me combined with my drive to learn, is totally rewarding. — Han (Euless)
My daughter learned so much in her first lesson and loved Brandon. About 30 minutes after her lesson she said, "Is it next Thursday yet?" I think that says it all.

Brandon is a very personable, kind, and polite person. She really enjoyed working with him, I think they are a great fit. I guess my only complaint is that now I can't get my daughter to put her guitar down ;)

Overall, our experience with Music By Ross has been amazing. We have been telling everyone about you guys, even before our first lesson. Now we have even more great things to say! — Kashawni D. (Carrollton)
Troy has turned out to be a great fit for Frankie! The lesson was much more fun than with her previous guitar teacher and this is motivating her to practice and explore the guitar without it being a chore now. She looks forward to lesson, and we enjoy hearing the beautiful music being made in our house each week! — Jennifer W. (Richardson)
We are thrilled with Kendall! He goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to our expectations for a music teacher. My daughter loves that he let's her pick what songs she wants to learn. Therefore, she is highly motivated to practice. I think her progress is amazing. When my daughter told Kendall she wanted to participate in her talent show at school, Kendall got right on board in helping her not only choose an appropriate song, but he also advised her on stage presence and performance techniques. When she became discouraged with her ability to sing and play at the same time, Kendall’s encouragement gave her the confidence she needed to get through it. My husband and I were truly astonished at her performance and several people specifically commented to us that she was their favorite performer!

As an educator and school counselor, I truly appreciate how Kendall’s method of instruction is calm, encouraging, but disciplined. When he needs to correct my daughter, he does so in a way that builds her confidence, not destroys it. Kendall is interesting and eclectic which is an added bonus for my daughter's education. We give him the highest praise and are so appreciative of his work. We are also SO appreciative of how flexible he is with rescheduling if we have a conflict.

— Stacey M. (Coppell)
My son is doing very well. He seems to like the drum lessons, and I LOVE Miles! He is so good with him and my son really seems to like him too! — Julie S. (Grand Prairie)
We are so thrilled to have Kendall and Brandon as instructors. We have been so pleased with them both and all of the kids are learning quickly and even more importantly, ENJOYING, their lessons! Kudos to you and the great team you have working with you! We are fans and very satisfied customers :) Thank you, Leah — Leah B. (Carrollton)