Cesar Martinez

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How long have you been playing guitar, bass and piano?

Guitar – 15 years, Bass Guitar – 10 years, Piano – 7 years


Cesar A. Martinez is currently a graduate student at the University of North Texas obtaining his masters degree in Jazz Studies with a concentration on Pedagogy. His interest on music and playing guitar began at the age of nine. Growing up in El Paso Texas, Cesar had the opportunity to be part of a variety genres of music, some of the styles that he was introduce as a kid include classical music, mariachi music, rock, jazz, and many more latin styles. While still in high school his interest in classical music increased as he started to learn classical guitar and taking part of the yearly competitions in Austin, Texas. Also during his high school studies, Cesar had the opportunity to form part of the orchestra choosing the bass as his secondary instrument. Cesar Martinez achieved a bachelor in music from the University of Texas at El Paso. It was during his bachelors that he decided to focus on jazz guitar, while still playing with rock bands and mariachi groups outside school. Currently living in Denton Texas, Cesar continues to be an active musician and teacher as one of his greatest interest is education and teaching music.