Eunji Kim

voice teacher dallas Voice (beginner to advanced) Piano (beginner to intermediate) Beginner to advanced All ages Classical, Jazz, Pop, R&B, K-Pop

How many years have you been singing and playing piano?

I have been singing since I was 7 years-old, so over 24 years. I have been playing piano for over 15 years.


  • Currently attending University of North Texas, Masters Jazz performance vocal BFA major (2013- present)
    – Private lessons with Jennifer Barnes and Rosanna Eckert.
    – Taking advanced jazz classes such as ensemble, small groups, research, and forum.
    – Sang in Avenue C ensemble, currently in UNT Jazz Singers (the top vocal ensemble at UNT)

UNT Jazz singers (1.5 years) with an album that will come out soon. and Avenue C (1 year)
Gigs in NY and Denton area/Participated some albums./Singing national anthem/Singing and playing piano at
church/ Currently working on my own album that I am planning to release around May 2016

  • Graduated the City College of New York, Jazz performance vocal BFA major (2010-2012)
    Lessons with Suzzane Pittson, the assistant of Jazz Vocal Studies at CCNY, Yaala Balin and
    Charenee Wade, jazz vocalists performing in NY, Jay Clayton, a famous jazz vocalist performing
  • Attending Jazz vocal ensemble, vocalization (vocal training) and Jazz choir (chorus)
    Studying Jazz improvisation, History of Jazz, Musicianship, Jazz vocal workshop
  • Graduated from Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts (2004-2006)
    With the Associate Degree in Department of Music for film and pop
    – Received a teaching license / qualified teaching singing
    – Had lessons with Misun Kim majoring in Classical voice in Europe, the chair of Music Department at
    Dong-Ah, Yeonwoo Kim (also known as TOY), a Korean pop singer, and Malo Jung, one of top jazz
    vocalists in Korea
    – Attended vocal ensemble, vocalization (vocal training) and choir
    – Studied Jazz theory, History of Pop and Jazz, Sight singing, Ear training and Composition
  • Seoul Ho Mun Park Music Academy and Seoul Music School Academy (2001-2003)

Performance Experience:

Performace at Silvana in Manhattan, NY; December 2014
• Performance at Banter in Denton; June 2014
• Performed National Anthem and a song, “Your life.” At the 32nd 2012 Korean Parade in Manhattan; October 6th 2012
• Performed National Anthem and a song, “Your life.” At the 19th Korean-American Night at Eisenhower Park in Long
Island; September 22nd 2012
• Performance in Namjin, a Korean pop singer, Concert with NYKJO in New Jersey as a back-up vocal; Junly 16th and
17th 2012
• Performance at Café Cielo in Manhattan, NY; April 2011
• Performance Brain Kim, a Korean-American gospel singer, Concert as a back-up vocal in NY; June 2011, January
• Recorded The album “想상像상” – The cat house (Fusion Jazz Band) as back-up vocal in Korea; April 2006
• Member of The Pop band as a vocalist; Performed The concert “Flying Sky” in Korea; January 2006
• Member of Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts; Performed weekly recital as vocalist with the school band in Korea;
March 2004 – January 2006
• Performed in special events such as 101 concert, Seoul Youth Festival as main and back-up vocalist in Korea;
September 2003 – July 2006
• Member of Bridge Impact Ministry Praise Band as vocalist; performed gospel songs in Korea; July 2004 – June 2005

Other Accomplishments and Awards:

• Teaching private vocal lessons at ARUKAHO Academy and Two Men Music Studio in TX; August 2014 – Present
• Teaching private piano & vocal lessons; March 2004 – Present
• Receiving $1000 + in instate tuition scholarship at UNT; Fall 2013 – Present
• Recording a song, “Your life” dedicating to Korean women who were suffered during War; July 2012
• Won Reeves Scholarship at CCNY; Fall semester 2011
• Teaching pop/jazz/musical vocal at Eastern Music Institute in NY; September 2011 – July 2013
• Member of NYCE International gospel band in NY as vocalist; February 2008 – 2009
• Conducting a choir of junior high school students at Church; January 2006 – October 2007
• Received a teaching certification from Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts; March 2006
• Recording Demos; February 2004 – June 2012
• Received awards from Junior Chamber International Korea Singing Competition, Seoul Youth Singing Competition,
Kyung-Won College Singing Competition, Song-Pa Gu Youth Singing Competition in Korea;
July 2003 – December 2004
• Member of Church Praise team; Performed every Sunday as a vocalist and a pianist in Korea and NY; January 1998
– July 2013