Jeremy Ferguson

guitar teacher dallas tx Guitar, Bass, Drum, Piano Beginner to advanced All ages Rock, Punk, Metal, General

How long have you been playing guitar?

Over 20 years.

Professional Experience: I began playing guitar when I was 14, starting out with a 3-piece punk rock band in high school. Since then I have been a part of multiple projects and bands including two touring bands and one signed to a professional record label (Swimming With Sharks Records).

Accomplishments: I have had the opportunity to tour the country multiple times and share the stage with such acts as P.O.D. and Slipknot. In July of 2015 one of my bands, Bow Prometheus, was voted Best Deathcore band of 2015 by Maxima Distorzion, a Houston, TX-based PR group. As well as all the members, I was fortunate to have been voted Best Deathcore Bassist among Texas bands in the same genre. I am well-versed in multiple genres, and am capable of teaching guitar to all ages and interests!