Jonny Lurie

guitar teacher in frisco tx Guitar, Bass Guitar Beginner to advanced all ages Rock, Blues, Funk, Acoustic, Reggae,

How long have you been playing guitar and bass guitar?

Guitar – Over 13 years

Bass –Over 13 years

Jonny Lurie is a professional guitar teacher in Frisco, TX. Jonny has been teaching guitar since the age of 17 in the Dallas/Fort Worth and Austin, TX area. He studied music and guitar, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree from the University of North Texas in 2015, and is also active in Texas’ music scene performing in multiple cities within the state, and across the U.S. In 2011, Jonny recorded a well-received original EP with Grammy award-winning producer Eric Delegard with the band Afro Deezy Axe. Today, Jonny teaches guitar to aspiring musicians of all ages in the Frisco, TX area, and performs as a studio musician for many acts in Texas.