Mike Willey

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How many years have you been playing and teaching guitar?

I have played guitar for over 50 years, and have been teaching for over 40 years.

I currently teacher guitar lessons in Fort Worth, TX. I began learning to play the guitar as a teen. I’ve spent the last five decades studying and performing with guitar as my primary instrument. I began my professional performing career in 1970 and have continued to study, record and perform. I have played with touring acts including Townes Van Zandt, Gary P Nunn, Rusty Wier, Cowboy Johnson among many others. I have worked for years in recording studios. Currently I lead a dance band called Swing Alley. I teach beginner to advanced levels of players. I use the CAGED method of guitar organization. This method provides the structure to learn music theory, ear training, chord formation, rock, blues and jazz improvisation.