Mitchell Albers

drum teacher dallas Drums, Piano, Bass Beginner to advanced All ages Specialize in all genres: rock, blues, funk, jazz, fusion, pop, top 40, folk, gypsy, western swing, country, top 40 country, samba, salsa, reggae, bossa nova, Latin jazz, Electronic. Bass – Rock, funk, punk, blues, some jazz, bossa nova, some Latin jazz, reggae, Pop, top 40, Country top 40, Electronic Piano – Rock, Funk, Classical, jazz, bossa nova, some Latin jazz, reggae, Electronic, Dance, Top 40, Country top 40.

How long have you been playing drums, piano and bass guitar?

Drums – 16 years

Piano – 5 years

Bass – 1 year

Mitchell Albers is a musician and drum teacher in Dallas, TX originally from Indiana who moved to Texas to Study Jazz at UNT with Ed Soph. After over a year of study he finished a Bachelor of Science at UNT while teaching at Julio D. Perfecto School of Music since October of 2014. He now performs professionally as a drummer at various restaurants and bars around Denton, Dallas, McKinney, and Ft. Worth. Mitchell teaches Drum set, Piano, and Bass guitar.

Professional playing experience?

As a drummer;

Western country bands around Dallas: The Gypsy Playboys ( ) – 6 months

Mikki Daniel and the Texas Wildfire(

Since last October

Intersect Church In McKinney ( ) – since January 2017

  • Type of band experience (cover/original/symphonic):

Member of The Clubhouse based in Denton, TX. ( )

  • Accomplishments:

Teaching at Julio D. Perfecto School of Music for 3 Years and running with high student retention rate.

Mixed and Mastered an album for a band that I am also a drummer for (the clubhouse)

Self-taught bass

Finished proficiency tests for Piano at UNT

Completed a Bachelor B.S. degree at UNT – Integrative Studies w/h emphasis in Ethnomusicology, Psychology, and English