Patrick McNeely

guitar lessons in Prosper TX guitar Beginner to advanced All ages blues, rock and all genres

Patrick is a Music By Ross certified guitar teacher providing exceptional guitar lessons in Prosper TX and surrounding areas! With the guidance of giants like Stevie Rey Vaughan, Mark Knopfler, and Eric Clapton, Patrick has wealth of musical genres. Patrick is eager to share this great joy with others as the journey can be challenging and rewarding.

At age 14, Patrick began to practice simple scales and melodies in his spare time. Eventually, he began to learn more challenging songs and practice more intentionally with scales and modes. Patrick’s dedicated hours learning guitar paid off! In college, Patrick met other talented musicians and formed a band called Screwtop, which performs annually for University of Dallas’s homecoming “Groundhog” celebration. Post graduate, Patrick found great joy in working with fellow bluesman at local jams and have formed his own blues band Crossfire. Additionally, Patrick is a studio musician recording guitar solos and writing music with a band called Sage Graye in DFW. Patrick loves teaching and the opportunity to apply the discipline of guitar in a creative atmosphere, and is happy to share the experience of music by teaching guitar lessons in Prosper TX!