Robert Hall

drum lesson dallas tx Drums, Guitar and Bass Beginner to advanced All ages Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Funk

How long have you been playing drums, guitar and bass?

Guitar/Bass – over 12 years
Drums – over 8 years

I specialize in teaching drum lessons in Dallas, TX to aspiring musicians of all ages. I also teach guitar and bass guitar.

Professional Experience:

I began playing guitar when I was 13, beginning with basic lessons on chords and scales. I quickly formed a band, began writing songs, and played my first live performance that year at Across The Street Bar in Dallas, TX in April of 2004 in a 3 piece rock band called For Years Ahead. After that, my next performance with a band would be at Eisenbergs Skatepark in Plano, TX with a 5 piece post-hardcore band called The Rivalry (later “Beware The Ides of March”) in July of 2005; launching what would be a lifelong span of consistent live playing. Between 2005 and 2015 I have had the pleasure of playing on average 2-3 times per month with small pockets of time in between bands.
In the summer of 2008 I purchased my own drum kit, having a fascination with drums my entire life. I began playing daily, and became very disciplined with the metronome and with my own technique and posture. In 2010 I began studying rudiments on my own, and have since adapted many different exercises into my warm up and my playing. I have a strong focus on making my playing tasteful, yet imaginative as well as providing confidence to the audience. I specialize in double-bass kick drumming, as well as fast, precise, technical playing. I also enjoy the opposite side of the spectrum, and often play swing and groove whenever I’m practicing.



I have had the opportunity to play shows and events constantly in Deep Ellum, including Trees and Curtain Club on several occasions. Fort Worth also has been filled with opportunity, ranging from the Ridglea Theatre to being nominated in 2010 for Best Metal Act by the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards. Denton, TX was home for me for a couple years, so venues all over town such as Andy’s, Hailey’s, and The Drink(now the Public House) were some places I was fortunate to have a consistently growing crowd.

More recently, I joined Bow Prometheus in July of 2013, and signed a contract with Swimming With Sharks Records in the following months to release our single “Athena’s Plague” which composed and performed the drums.
In July of 2015 Bow Prometheus was voted Best Deathcore band of 2015 by Maxima Distorzion, a Houston TX based PR group. As well as all the members, I was nominated for my category as well, and I was fortunate to have been voted Best Deathcore Drummer among Texas bands in the same genre.

In November of 2014 I joined a second full-time band called Take The Reigns, recently we have performed at the Curtain Club at a showcase for Sumerian Records. Take The Reigns will also be performing at the Summer Slaughter Tour, a national and highly recognized event.