Sky Seo

piano teacher dallas tx Piano Beginner to advanced All ages Swing, Blues, Funk, Bossa Nova, Latin, Bebop, Straights, Ballads, ECM, Modern

How long have you been playing piano?

Over 8 years


  • Completion of Intensive English Language Institute in August 2013
  • Scholarship from Dean’s Camerata –Evelyn Barthold in 2015 (until 2017)
  • 9o’clock & 8’o clock big band member 2014-2016
  • Performed many jazz piano departments 2014-2016
  • Performed in Denton Jazz Festival two years in a row
  • Member of West End (the Jazz Singers group) 2015
  • Keyboardist at the Well Church 4 months
  • Substitute from several church gigs
  • Played the piano at several festivals in Korea